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Biocellular Regenerative Medicine

"Using Your Own Tissues To Heal"

Stem-Stromal Cells Help Healing, Pain & Tissue Repair!

Biocellular Regenerative Medicine

Are you tired of pain and problems with your joints, back, muscles?? We offer the very latest in treatment using your OWN tissues to help YOU! This now includes options for neurologic, bowel, lung, joint and musculoskeletal pain issues via biocellular OR cellular therapy. Each uses ONLY your own adult reparative cells for repair and regeneration.

Biocellular treatment refers to the very latest advances in non-invasive Medicine by using your own healing mechanisms. By use of important biologic additives from your platelets PRP), combined with your own (autologous) ADULT stem cells & stromal cells, many patients are returning to work and leisure activities earlier and without need for open surgery! Carefully and accurately placed, these elements provide the most important growth factors and signal proteins (from platelets) and cells which have reparative abilities, each critical to the natural wound healing process. By providing these in a concentrated form and accurately placed (ultrasound guidance) insures the best chance for you to heal and regenerate damaged and aging tissues of your body. Uses in helping arthritis, back pain, leg pain, bone and joint problems, sport injuries, shortening post-surgery healing.

Cell Therapy refer to a group of systemic diseases and disorders ranging from neuro-degenerative (Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's, Altzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementias, etc.), Generalized pain (CRPS, SRD, Causalgia, Fibromyalgia, etc.), concussion-TBI, Lung Diseases (COPD, Asthma, etc.), and others. These involve the same process of gathering a group of your own adult stem & stromal cells (by micro lipoaspiration), cell separation and concentration and administration via IV line Click Here For More Information...

By focusing your body's OWN healing mechanisms, changes often are able to help in antiaging changes, healing, reduce pain of arthritis, back pain, and in many sites actually help regenerate tissues. We will be happy to address any questions you might have relative to the use of Biocellular Regenerative Medicine. 

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