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Biocellular Regenerative Medicine

"Using Your Own Tissues To Heal"

What is Alternative Tissue Cell Therapy & How Does It Work?

As an alternative non-surgical option, using a diverse group your own adult stem cells & stromal cells found in the tiny capillaries within your fat deposits in abdomen or upper thighs (location of the highest concentrations with our bodies) may have the ability to contribute to natural regenerative and healing efforts. These may be gathered via a microcannula and small syringe to remove a few teaspoons of your fat, and easily performed on an outpatient basis using a very dilute local anesthetic to help retrieve the tissues needed.

Your body is a wonderful entity. We have millions of repair and replacement stem cells available to us using its reparative abilities. As we age, or are injured, our bodies do its best to repair, but many time diseases or degeneration overtakes the ability to complete repairs before re-injury. Those aging or injured sites are believed to send "signals", asking for reparative chemicals and regionally available stem cells normally found in our own tissues and organs. Alternatives of medications, physical therapies are often incompletely effective in restoring form and function.  Alternative therapies are evolving which offers us the opportunity to supplement and augment the healing efforts.

Although not a promise of cure, it may prove more effective than drugs masking or covering up symptoms. So often traditional medicine tries to stop pain by blocking needed healing (with steroids, for example) in order to achieve short-term reduction in pain. Actually, cortisone-like injections can weaken and cause damage to supportive structures like around joints, ligaments, tendon and other important tissues to keep us intact. In some cases, medications or open surgery cannot help the disease, but only manage symptoms. Over time these can be very costly.


Anti-aging effects of some forms of biocellular regenerative medicine are becoming well established, with excellent safety and efficacy in clinical care options. Besides Plastic Surgical options, rejuvenative skin and aging capabilities may be helped by use of autologous (self) grafting for volumization, it is believed that some these same cells have been shown to help with a variety of uses in radiation (sun damage or spots), wrinkles, and thicken skin and scar areas. In either musculoskeletal, systemic (body wide) issues, or in aging, the use has provided an excellent substantial safety profile for patients, and effectiveness in outcomes.